Our commitment

International moving is a complex business. You don't only need to know the countless rules and ins and outs, but also the right people. With the FIDI 39 Club, we aim to empower young professionals to become successful industry leaders.

We forge friendships, promote trust, and spread knowledge to grow as a collective. After all, it is only through the success of our members that we at FIDI can demonstrate true value.

We also believe that we, the young generation and future leaders of the international moving industry, have what it takes to accompany our businesses and industry into the future. The FIDI 39 Club provides the platform to share and develop ideas with peers, and to present and develop projects that can change our industry. 

Do you want to become a part of our story? Ask for more information today: send us an email to 39club@fidi.org

39 Club Rules and Regulations - May 2018.pdf