Member advantages

Being a FIDI 39 Club member sets the path for a rewarding career in international moving. You forge friendships that become valuable partnerships, deepen your industry knowledge, and increase your understanding of management.

Additionally, being a member gives you:

  • Free entry to all FIDI 39 Club events and activities and a discounted rate to the exclusive 39 Club Annual Conference.
  • The opportunity to enhance your personal and professional network through the 39 Club community, both virtually and in person.
  • Increased exposure of your company through collaboration with peers from other FIDI affiliated companies.
  • Access to the FIDI 39 Club knowledge database.
  • The chance to share best practices and experiences with young professionals that will shape the future of our industry.

When you join the FIDI 39 Club, you will also have access to significant benefits of the FIDI Academy. These include:

  • A 10% discount for every 39 Club member that attends the Essentials in International Moving (EiM) and/or the Master in Moving & Mobility (MiMĀ²) training seminar.
  • You will receive 500 FIDI career points every time you take part in the FIDI 39 Club Conference.