2019 FIDI 39 Club Scholar: Gabriela Humeniuk

Congratulations to Gabriela Humeniuk from Liftvan International, who attended the 2019 FIDI Conference in Amsterdam as the first FIDI 39 Club scholarship winner.

This is what she has to say about her experience as the first 39 Club Scholarship winner:

" When I received the e-mail from by boss, Malena, asking me if I wanted to submit my project for the scholarship, I started working on it immediately. The possibility of sharing my project with all FIDI members was thrilling. Furthermore, thinking that I may be part of the conference and travel to Amsterdam was a dream for me.

The whole experience was great. Thanks to the scholarship I met amazing people, I had the opportunity to show my project to people from all around the world, I made some new friends and I could visit beautiful places. It was a life changing experience.

I would like to encourage all 39 club members to submit your own projects and dive into this fun, exciting, extraordinary opportunity of winning the next 39 club scholarship."

Giving is your best move

Gabriela presented a beautiful charity project, outstanding in its simplicity and dedication to the wellbeing of poor communities throughout Argentina. Giving is your best move, a project initiated by Gabriela and her colleagues in 2013, encourages clients to donate their unwanted clothes during the packing and unpacking stage.

Liftvan sorts and packs the clothes at their office and then delivers it to selected charities throughout the country. To date, the project has donated over 800kg of clothes (around 150 boxes) and runs at almost no cost.

Santiago Bosch
Santiago Bosch, president of Lift Van International, and Gabriela Humeniuk getting ready to deliver "Giving is your best move" boxes
Gabriela Humeniuk and Liftvan International colleagues
Gabriela Humeniuk and her colleagues of Liftvan International