39 Club Scholarship

It’s official: we have a winner! “Giving is your best move” – Gabriela Humeniuk from Liftvan International

Congratulations to Gabriela Humeniuk from Liftvan International, who will be attending the 2019 FIDI Conference in Amsterdam as the first FIDI 39 Club scholarship winner.

LogoGabriela presented a beautiful charity project, outstanding in its simplicity and dedication to the wellbeing of poor communities throughout Argentina. “Giving is your best move”, a project initiated by Gabriela and her colleagues in 2013, encourages clients to donate their unwanted clothes during the packing and unpacking stage. Liftvan sorts and packs the clothes at their office and then delivers it to selected charities throughout the country. To date, the project has donated over 800kg of clothes (around 150 boxes) and runs at almost no cost.

In Gabriela’s own words: “From a “cost/benefit” point of view, you will see that there is almost no cost since all clothes and materials are donated by clients and suppliers; transport is only used when we have a job to cover at the destination location and people involved in the project donate their time. Running this project has been my deepest desire, and luckily, I am surrounded by amazing people such as my bosses and colleagues who have helped me make this dream come true.”

We look forward to welcoming Gabriela at the 2019 FIDI Conference in Amsterdam, and hearing more about her community project!

Santiago Bosch

Santiago Bosch, president of Lift Van International, and Gabriela Humeniuk getting ready to deliver “Giving is your best move” boxes