GGI: join in our own pan-industry sustainability movement!

Everyone in our industry agrees that we have to do something about sustainability and the environment. When faced with such a challenge, the best way is not to work separately but to work together.

This is why the young generation of different organisations of the moving industry have come together: our own FIDI 39 Club, Lacma Next (younger members of the Latin American and Caribbean International Movers Association) and IAM YP (the Young Professionals Group of the International Association of Movers).

The collaboration is known as the Global Green Initiative (GGI) with the stated aim of “raising environmental awareness in our industry and educating the future moving generation on the importance of improving sustainability industry wide”

Hey – here’s an idea...

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The idea began a few years ago when the FIDI and Lacma conferences were scheduled to be held in Brazil, right after one another. This led to a plan to collaborate on the Brazilian Techo project, but it never happened because the conferences ended up changing locations due to unforeseen circumstances.

As Morgana Somers, President of 39 Club, explained it didn’t end there. “Lacma Next approached us at the recent FIDI Conference in Amsterdam to reignite our collaboration. We conducted a sustainability workshop and shared our experience and passion with Lacma and IAM. Everyone quickly agreed that focusing our young professional collaboration on sustainability is the perfect fit as we are the future of our industry.”  

“We are in the infancy of the Global Green Initiative, but our goal is to raise awareness for now. We want this project to grow organically. Above all, our mission is to drive our industry towards a more sustainable future!”

Representing global youth

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Jessica Deutschmann, Vice-President of the 39 Club, tells us that the movement is something they all care about deeply. “We were able to agree right away on one topic we are all passionate about, which connects us, and which is worth fighting for.”

“Our clubs all represent the young generation of our associations, the future if you will, and we want to have an impact on it, shape it. So how to make an impact? Raise awareness for something that is close to your heart, that should be close to all our hearts… the environment and therefore the future of our planet. How can we, as an industry, improve our impact on the environment and take measures to ensure a sustainable future?”

Actions rather than words

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So what is actually happening?

The Green Committee was founded, consisting of members from all three Boards. They came up with the idea of the Global Green Initiative, which will be part of each conference – FIDI, IAM, Lacma – every year. The Boards will work together to gather ideas from members and suggest them to Presidents and members of the respective senior organisations.

During the FIDI 39 Club Conference in Amsterdam in April 2019, participants went plastic fishing on the Amsterdam canals. Deutschmann explained that it was a symbolic act: “It is important to make little efforts and inspire our peers to go back home after a conference with the ambition to change something in their daily routine, their company, our industry, our future.”

Onto greater things?

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Expect to see evidence of the GGI at every conference, where educational “green” sessions will be incorporated into the agenda. The aim is that members can take some inspiration back home and start working on improving on that topic in their company.

The initiative is also starting to form an identity – and a first step is to create a brand with which members can identify. In typical collaborative fashion, a “logo challenge” competition is under way, where members from all three associations are invited to propose logos and the most popular will be selected.

My kinda town, Chicago

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The next step is the forthcoming IAM Conference in Chicago, from 3 to 6 October 2019. Morgana Somers is excited about the possibilities: “If a 16-year-old girl from Sweden is able to make an impact, raise awareness, and speak at the Strasbourg EU Parliament, we also have all possibilities to make a difference as the future of our industry. Therefore, we really hope to see all of the YPs in Chicago during the Members Meeting to learn more about the Green Committee and the ‘Green Moment’.”

Expect sustainability issues to be high on the agenda in Chicago. Organizers have already agreed that plastic straws will be banned at the YP Social Mixer and replaced by paper or metallic straws, which are more sustainable for the environment!

It is hoped that the event will be a springboard for more activity and members from all associations are invited to join in the effort – both in Chicago and other forthcoming events. Share your comments, ideas and questions with us at and visit our webpage