Gender equality: the future of moving for women

Following the publication of the 2020 Gender & Diversity report by the FIDI 39 Club and FIDI Focus, our (all-female) FIDI 39 Club Board sat down for an interview on the future of women in our industry.

"Twenty years ago, a woman would never be offered the opportunity to interview to be a packer. And female CEOs were basically non-existent. However, what started then will continue into the future: women being offered opportunities and proving themselves", is a strong statement Alexandra supports fervently.

Jackie believes that "...we will continue to see an increasing number of female leaders in our industry, and it’s something we should keep talking about. There is no denying that we are experiencing a shift towards greater equality, and to not talk about it or to not address the challenges that come with it will only stifle further progress."

"We can all contribute to help others – women and men – to develop the self-confidence they need to achieve great things", says Isabelle. And according to Morgana, FIDI 39 Club President, "...joining the FIDI 39 Club Board has allowed me to have a voice in the future of our industry, including supporting equality for all diversity groups as well as influencing our industry sustainability..." Jessica adds: "We still have a long way to go to truly reach gender equality and we need to support each other – not only do women need to support women, but we also have to look at the truly strong, brave and forward-thinking men that support us and understand the advantages of our differences."

So let's make our voices heard as 39 Club members and future leaders of our industry! Share your views, experiences and thoughts with us via email or on social media. We want to hear from you!

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