Meet Skadi Mobius, speaker at the FIDI Micro-Events

Have you registered for the FIDI Micro-Events as yet? If not, what are you waiting on? Skadi Mobius, one of our workshop speakers is looking forward to seeing you!

Skadi Mobius is a Sustainability & Strategic Design Consultant, CEO of ARCHITECTS of the FUTURE and Co-Founder of Move to Impact. Skadi started off working as Corporate Management Consultant and found her passion in design thinking for sustainable business innovation and entrepreneurship. Her company Architects of the Future helps businesses with workshops and trainings to solve the question 'How can we create sustainable products and services with no prior knowledge in a really fast and simple way?'

Her clients list includes IKEA, World Food Program, PwC, Colgate, Municipalities, EU Development Projects, KPN, Arcadis, ABN Amro Bank, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, and many more.

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You can find more information and register for the FIDI Micro-Events here.