Taking on sustainability together – the Global Green Initiative

The Global Green Initiative was launched as a joint initiative by the FIDI 39 Club, the IAM YP and LACMAnext. The project leadership team currently comprises Ashley Gorb from Atlas International and board member at the IAM YP, Daniela Krumdiek of Express Transports and board member at LACMAnext, and Michael Hughes from the Arpin Group and FIDI 39 Club Board member – but we don’t want to stop there we want you to get involved too!

Together we are establishing new trends and syncing up better than ever with our organizations to steer the focus towards sustainability. As a wonderful friend commented, “sustainability isn’t something we outsource, it’s something we internalize”. Our aim and focus is to bring continuity across FIDI, IAM and LACMA promoting and driving sustainable themes. We love to focus and celebrate projects that everyone can join - have you seen the beach cleanup photos from Cannes? Or from LACMA in Miami? If you missed out on these wait, to you see what we have in store for you in the coming months! To catch glimpses of previous events related to sustainability search our #globalgreeninitiative tag that will bring news, photos and updates across multiple social media platforms celebrating sustainable practices.

As we build up toward the 2022 world clean-up day on 17 September, alongside over 60 million volunteers across 191 countries the Global Green Initiative team will release each month a special inside look from each organizations’ leadership to inspire and engage our industry. Look out for interviews to be released from June onward. And we are thrilled to kick off the first interview session with our very own FIDI president Laura Ganon from Fink Mobility. Look out for the conversation with Laura, someone who is sustainability obsessed, and I as we take a deep dive exploring the possibilities of what the future of sustainability will look like.

Where to find more information about the Global Green Initiative information? Start at our FIDI 39 Club landing page https://www.fidi39club.org/global-green-initiative. And if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us at 39club@fidi.org

By Michael Hughes, FIDI 39 Club Board member