FIDI 39 Club online festive get together

As the year draws to a close, the FIDI 39 Club Board will host its annual online festive get together on Friday 9 December

The get together is a unique opportunity to meet with industry peers, to learn more about the latest club developments including the hotly anticipated FIDI 39 Club Conference highlights in Bangkok, as well as to hear more about the FIDI Future Mentorship & FIDI 39 Club Scholarship programmes, global green initiative and more exciting developments coming in 2023.

This year’s session highlight will be a pub quiz among participants, with the lucky winner winning a free registration for the FIDI 39 Club! 

This event is only open to FIDI Affiliates, and if you wish to register you must log into FIDINET!

Learn more about the FIDI 39 Club online festive get together here.