FIDI 39 Club Board member elections

** Nominations for board members are now open! If you have what it takes or know someone who would be a good addition to the FIDI 39 Club Board, please read the below requirements carefully and submit your candidacy by Friday, 20 August 2021 at 23:00 CET*

The FIDI Board members are elected for a two-year term, renewable up to three times, as long as the member remains under the age of 40 years. The Board members commit to participate in regular conference calls (approx.. 10 per year), as well as to participate in person at the FIDI Conferences.

When the call for candidates is opened, nominations and recommendations may be submitted by:

  • FIDI 39 members
  • FIDI Affiliates
  • FIDI Associations
  • The FIDI Board

Candidates must be owners, officers or employees of FIDI affiliated companies, be a member of the FIDI 39 Club and be under the age of 40.

To submit your candidacy, please send us the following before Friday, 20 August 2021 at 23.00 CET:

  • a video with your pitch (please see technical requirements below): this video will be posted online, to allow all FIDI 39 Club members to choose their favorite candidate and vote. Use this video to present yourself and to explain what you would bring to the 39 Club Board, and why you believe that you are the best candidate. Please note that the video should not be longer than 1 minute.
  • a headshot photo (please see requirements below)

Please send your recommendations, nominations or questions to:

E-mail:, to the attention of Carolina Goradesky

All nominations will be treated as “Confidential”.


     1. Technical requirements for video pitch

  • filming can be done with your phone camera – make sure to stabilize it (use a tripod or keep your phone steady on a flat surface)             
  • format: landscape format        
  • place yourself at the center of the image, from your shoulders up
  • place yourself preferably in front of a plain background (a wall, for example); avoid movement in the back


  • lighting: the best light is natural light from the side (coming from a window, for example           -
  • sound: if possible, use an external microphone to record the sound (your earphones with integrated microphone are an option); if that is not possible, check the sound quality of your phone
  • avoid background noise

     2. Technical requirements for headshot photo:

  • format: portrait, 4x5 (passport photo format), on white background
  • from shoulders up, with your face centred
  • file format: .jpg, .png
  • max. file size: 1MB